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VW & Audi High Security Key Information

VW began using High Security Keys in some of their cars in 1998, with the majority of their vehicles being equipped by 2000. What does this mean for you? It means the car is much more difficult to steal, and also that keys are much more difficult to fit.

The VW security system requires a transponder-equipped key to start the car. A transponder is a small electronic chip embedded in the head of the key. When the key is turned to the "start" position, the car emits a small burst of radio-frequency energy. This energy powers the key and instructs it to emit a reply to the car. If the code in the reply doesn't match the code asked for, the car will not start, even though the ignition will turn and the starter operates.

Additional keys can be introduced to the car's computer system. The car was originally delivered with 3 working keys. To add keys to the system, a VAG1551 or equivalent diagnostic device must be used. In addition, we must have the 4 or 7 digit Secret Key Code (SKC) to program the car. If you do not have that code (it was on the black plastic tag on one of the keys), we must interrogate the car's computer system for the immobilizer serial number. Supplying that, along with the VIN, the dealer is then asked to provide us with the code. If they supply the 4 digit code, we proceed. If they supply the 7 digit code, we also need their dealer number as assigned by Volkswagen. We must also note the date the 7 digit code was generated. We can then take this information, along with an importer code and enter that into our diagnostic computer. In the case of a VW shop, the code is only good on the day of issuance. In our case, we can re-use it, as long as we know the date it was issued. Please note that many dealers are reluctant to supply these codes, wanting to charge you dealer prices for key programming.

Once we have the necessary code, we again hook up the car's diagnostic port and begin the programming procedure. Please note that any keys not present at this time will not be useable upon completion of programming. Please make sure you supply us with all the keys you want to work, including any valet keys. All must be available for continued operation. Programming only takes a few minutes, and we'll also be glad to give you any trouble codes stored in your VW at the time of programming.

Should you be located in a area where your vehicle is not available for Steve's technicians to program your car, you can still realize substantial savings by allowing Steve's Lock Shoppe to create the key, and you can instruct the dealer to program it at your next service visit.

Please feel free to contact Steve's Lock Shoppe for further information on services, pricing and shipping at vwcarlocks@hotmail.com or call (936) 435-1324.

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